Student Ambassador Blogs

The student ambassador blogs will take you behind the scenes into the everyday life of Washington Semester Program students. Topics range from internships to site visits, seminars, and the DC experience. The blogs are organized by the internship area of interest. Your internship area of interest and seminar concentration can be different!

Washington Semester ambassador Kimberley Dong

Kimberley Dong
American Politics

Kimberley is a student ambassador from Santa Clara University interning at Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo's Office.

Kimberley's Blog

Washington Semester ambassador Reece Downey

Reece Downey
Foreign Policy

Reece is a student ambassador from Grinnell College interning at the Human Rights Campaign.

Reece's Blog

Washngton Semester student ambassador Mackenzie Chakara

Mackenzie Chakara Social Justice

Mackenzie Chakara is a student ambassador from Baylor University who interned at the Center for American Progress.

Mackenzie's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Josue Simon Garcia

Josue Simon Garcia

Josue is a student ambassador from Brandeis University who interned at Halcyon.

Josue's Blog

Washington Semester ambassador Jaylun Hutchison

Jaylun Hutchison
Journalism & New Media

Jaylun is a student ambassador from Gonzaga University interning at Voice of America.

Jaylun's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Jessica Hollan

Jessica HollanLaw

Jessica Hollan is a student ambassador from Tiffin University interning at The Law offices of Darrell Robinson.

Jessica's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Olivia Muro

Olivia MuroInternational Law & Organizations

Olivia Muro is a student ambassador from Bowdoin College interning at the Embassy of Spain.

Olivia'S Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Katherine Spicer

Katherine Spicer Environment

Katherine Spicer is a student ambassador from Beloit College interning at the International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF).

Katherine's Blog

Washington Semester Program student ambassador Bita Kavoosi at her internship site in Washington DC

Bita Kavoosi Information Technology

Bita Kavoosi is a student ambassador from Colorado College interning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Washington Office.

Bita's Blog

Washington Semester Ambassador Mihretabe Gizaw

Mihretabe Gizaw Global Economics and Business

Mihretabe Gizaw is a student ambassador from Linfield College who interned at the Truman National Security Project.

Mihretabe's Blog