We bring the world to SPA, and SPA to the world. Our location in Washington, DC, makes us a hub for leaders in public administration and policy, government, justice, law, and criminology. There is no better place for engaging scholars and policymakers in dialogue and educating the leaders in public affairs who will succeed them. But we are not confined to our campus or our hometown. Our faculty disseminate ideas and research at events worldwide, launching conversations that contribute to critical public discourse.
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SPA Policy Explainer. Carla Flink, SPA Assistant Professor. Federal and State Budget Analysis During the Pandemic.

How Does the Government Manage Their Budget During a Pandemic?

With SPA Asst. Professor Carla Flink.


SPA Policy Explainer. Bradley Hardy, Associate Professor, AU School of Public Affairs. The Fiscal Response to COVID-19.

What Does the U.S. Economy Need Right Now?

With SPA Associate Professor Bradley Hardy.


Andrew Ballard

What Can Machine Learning Tell Us About U.S. Legislation?

With SPA Assistant Professor Andrew Ballard


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Have 1 hour? Watch an SPA class

Carla Flink teaching Classes Without Quizzes class

Understanding the Federal Budget

With SPA Assistant Professor Carla Flink


Sasha O'Connell teaching federal workers

Introduction to U.S. Cyber Policy

With SPA Executive in Residence Sasha O'Connell


Have more time? Watch past SPA events and livestreams

Left: Adam Levine. Right: William Galston.

Does the Center Have a Future in the United States?


Top Left: Thomas Zeitzoff. Top Right: Erin Kearns. Bottom Left: Joe Young. Bottom Right: Josh Shader

Why Do Americans Support Torture?



Promoting Awareness & Transparency in the Fight Against Flooding in Bangladesh and the Global South.

Promoting Awareness & Transparency in the Fight Against Flooding in Bangladesh and the Global South