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AU’s Vladimir Airapetian has been studying the star Kappa 1 Ceti, which is estimated to be around 600 to 750 million years old, to learn all about the sun’s earliest years.

"Professor Airapetian’s research is significantly advancing our understanding of the early solar system." -Professor Philip Johnson

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Professor Hyra, director of the Metropolitan Policy Center, is examining ways in which inequities manifest across urban landscapes, especially in response to public policy interventions.

“How do you get resources into under-served communities that actually benefit low- and moderate-income people, rather than displace them?” -Prof. Hyra

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There are many ways to connect with AU research! Learn about externally sponsored awards from government agencies and foundations received by faculty to conduct impactful research. Listen to podcasts such as SIS Big World that shines a spotlight on complex ideas and issues that matter and Faculty Cross Talks that focuses on pandemic misinformation & inequalities. Follow us on Twitter for research highlights and upcoming events.

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The Office of Research has created a hub for all research related topics. Information on how to find funding, proposal development, proposal review and submission, award review, acceptance, and set-up, managing an award, conducting research, award close out, and training is available on this easy to use, searchable platform. Information on Research Central is divided into nine sections based on the lifecycle of the grant.

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News & Highlights

ITP Event

Register for the Celebration of Inclusivity in Technology Policy Virtual Event honoring AU alumna and ITU Telecommunications Development Bureau Director Doreen Bogdan-Martin.

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Business closed due to covid

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Latino Businesses Experienced Disproportionate Hardship as a Result of COVID-19, and Benefitted Less from Pandemic Assistance

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Anna Amirkhanyan and Ken Meier

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Long Term Care Decisions Rely on Trust

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Aquaculture, Getty

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Aquatic Foods Offer Great Untapped Potential for Providing More Sustainable Diets, Finds New Research

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Langbein and Roberts

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SPA Researchers Explore the Labor Market for Public-Sector Nurses

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