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Known as a college-centered research university, AU values scholar-teachers who are fully engaged both in research and in undergraduate and graduate teaching.

American University, a Carnegie-classified research university, is deeply committed to creating knowledge, including creative and professional activity, in the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and the professions. We strongly support research by our students and faculty.

Whether you are a student looking for project funding or a faculty member looking to communicate research impact, this site offers various resources to assist with research at AU. Please take a minute to look around the site to learn more about the exciting, innovative, and inspiring research taking place at American University.  

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Research Highlights

People at a farmers' market, woman with stroller.

Research ·

Start a Business, Make a Home: PhD Grad on Local Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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Iranian students climb up the gate at the US embassy in Tehran.

International ·

Diplomatic Collaboration during the US-Iran Hostage Crisis

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Group of presenters at QPRC 2019 conference

Mathematics ·

AU Hosts International Data Science Research Conference

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Recent Publications

Members of the 1st Marine Division land on Guadalcanal on Aug. 7, 1942.

International ·

A World War II Battle Holds Key Lessons for Modern Warfare

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A mural of iconic people of Black culture at the East River Park Shopping Center.

Environment ·

From Urban Resilience to Abolitionist Climate Justice in Washington, DC

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Books stacked with international flags.

International ·

Geographic and Gender Bias in Undergraduate IR Teaching

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