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Non-Student Memberships

Conveniently located on the AU campus, let Recreational Sports & Fitness help you meet your health & fitness goals.

Membership Information

A membership includes the use of the Jacobs Fitness Center, Cassell Fitness Center, Congressional Fitness Center, recreational swim in Reeves Aquatic Center, open court in Bender Arena, and our outdoor facilities. Memberships are all-inclusive. There are no pool-only membership options available.

Services including group exercise, personal training, and adult swim lessons are additional fees.

Memberships can be purchased at any Fitness Center front desk during hours of operation. Individual and family memberships are available for most membership options.

A family membership consists of a spouse or domestic partner and dependents under the age of 18 (all children must be supervised at all times in facilities).

Questions about memberships? Visit our FAQs or submit a membership inquiry.

Get Started Today

1. Review the membership options below to determine which one is right for you.

2. Complete a registration form and e-mail to Akeem at

Membership Types & Pricing

Full-time Employees

Full-time employees (individuals who receive benefits through the University) are able to purchase a membership on an annual basis or via payroll deduction.

Annual Fees

(runs for 1 year from the date of enrollment)

Individual: $236.00
Family: $499.00

Bi-Weekly Payroll Deduction

Individual: $9.08
Family: $19.19

Monthly Payroll Deduction

Individual: $19.67
Family: $41.58

Part-time Employees

Part-time employees (including adjunct faculty) can obtain memberships on an semester basis.

Individual: $170.00

To accommodate as many individuals as possible, Recreational Sports & Fitness offers a variety of additional memberships to fit the needs of the AU community and beyond. Some of our most popular specialized memberships are listed below, however, if your circumstance is not listed (e.g. visiting professors, chaplains or clergy affiliated with the Kay Spiritual Center), please contact Akeem Pridgen:

Student Family

Registered students may enroll their family in a membership on a semester basis. Family must be living in the same household as the student.

Student Family: $139.00 / semester

University Affiliate

People who work full-time on campus (and not paid through the University) and/or part-time faculty and staff can purchase this membership on a semester basis. Groups that comprises of this affiliates are, but not limited to adjunct faculty, Aramark employees, Capital One Bank employees, etc.

Individual: $170.00 / semester

Friends of American University

Any current Wesley Seminary student, faculty, or staff or participants in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) can purchase a semester membership. *Proof of affiliation is needed at the time of purchase.

Individual: $191.00 / semester

An American University graduate can purchase an annual Alumni membership.

Individual: $664.00
Family: $1,316.00

Receive 10% off membership as an AU donor! Contact Akeem Pridgen: 202-885-6049 for more details!

Recent Graduates

Graduates are able to extend their memberships from their graduation in May into the subsequent summer with our summer memberships. This allows entrance to the facilities through August 31 (Law Reviewer membership runs through July 31) of the same year. After the 31st, an alumni membership must be purchased in order to continue access. (*December graduates can receive a similar offer, see Fitness Center front desk attendant for more information).

Recent Graduate: Individual: $298.00
Law Review Extender: Individual: $53.00

Local residents and their families can purchase memberships on an annual basis. Memberships run for 1 year from the date of enrollment.

Individual: $1,007.00
Family: $1,980.00

Payroll Deduction Memberships

Full-time faculty and staff may pay for their membership via payroll deduction.

Submit a payroll form to either:

1. Begin a payroll deduction membership (add)
*Also need to complete a registration form.
2. Stop a payroll deduction membership (drop)
3. Switch between an individual and family membership (change level)

Forms can be emailed to Akeem Pridgen:

Payroll Deduction Form