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What is AU 2030

What is AU 2030

AU 2030 is a strategic planning initiative that looks to the institution's future and identifies groundbreaking areas for which AU can be nationally and internationally recognized as the very best.

Before the initiative began, Latin American and Latino Studies was selected as an area for investment, launching what is now the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies. In 2012, the AU 2030 initiative officially launched following a call for proposals. Faculty submitted their ideas, which were then reviewed by their colleagues and the academic deans. Subsequently, six areas of interest emerged and an additional four areas were added soon thereafter.

The initiative is grounded on the following principles. The academic investments of today provide the foundation for the academy of tomorrow. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to make present-day decisions that will have long-range impact on the identity and success of AU. Additionally, with a firm belief that the great issues of our time can be better addressed by the engagement of multiple perspectives, AU 2030 nurtures its emerging areas with cross-disciplinary inquiry.

AU 2030 has had impact on the intellectual life of the institution, as evident in faculty hiring, the establishment of centers, development of degree programs, faculty collaborations, and events (symposia, research colloquia, etc.). 

AU 2030 Areas

  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Big Data, Analytics, and Applied Data Science
  • Cities and Environmental Sustainability
  • Game Design and Persuasive Play
  • Global Disability and Development
  • Health, Risk, and Society
  • Humanities Lab
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Internet Governance
  • Latin American and Latino Studies
  • Metropolitan Policy and Practice
  • New Technologies and Emerging Threats
  • Social Equity Initiative