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Event Scheduling

Our office facilitates space reservations for event scheduling and manages the 25Live space scheduling software used across campus. American University is always busy with student programs, faculty events, staff development, and hosted externals - space is extremely limited so work with us today to ensure your event success!

25Live: Space Requests

25Live is the web based software used to request space around campus. A valid myAU password is required to log-in to the system; all users will need to complete a training before they can request space.

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Space Restrictions

Some spaces are unavailable for request during time. Limits include:

  • Academic Blackouts
  • Major Event Holds
  • Summer Event Scheduling
  • Advanced Scheduling

Space Restriction

User Guides

Guidelines for reserving space on campus as a student, staff member, or faculty member. Are you an outside organization looking to host an event at AU? Please contact us either through email or by calling (202)-885-3939. 

Scheduler Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common technical and policy questions, if you do not see your solution below please do not hesitate to contact us at or (202) 885-3939

  1. Chances are you haven't taken the 25Live training and therefore cannot request an event. Click here to take the training, and be sure to fill out the form in its entirety. Once you select the submit, your information will be sent to our office so that we can update your account's settings. 
  2. Or, you have just recently taken the training and have not been granted access to the system yet. Unfortunately, getting access is not an automatic process and our staff does have to manually review your form and update your accounts settings. Please allow 3-5 businesss days to be granted access. We do send you an email once your account is ready to go.  
  3. You have been granted access to the system, but have not cleared your browser's cache to reflect your new security setting. Sometimes your Internet browser's settings new a "hard reset" in order to process that we've modified your security settings. You typically can find the prompt to clear your cache in your browsing history.

Before you can request space you will need to:
  1. Complete the Online Training
  2. Have a Valid myAU Login

Additionally, the only individuals that will be granted requestor access are those that are University Faculty/Staff and students that need access for their on-campus employment or are part of a recognized student organization. 

  1. Logging into 25Live is done with the same login you would use for your AU portal account. If you are getting errors while trying to log-in to your myAU portal, then please contact the Office of Information Technology HelpDesk
  2. Did you complete the training? Click here to watch the training video and be sure to complete the form in full so we have the proper information. Access requests are typically filled within 3-5 business days.
  3. Log out completely from the myAU portal and end your single sign-on session (SSO), clearly your browser's cache, and then logged back in. Following these steps can help provide a refresh for your security settings. 
  1. Have you checked the date and time of the event that you are planning? The date and time has a lot to do with the availability of spaces on campus. Please review the 2015-2016 Event Calendar for more information on Preview Day, All-American Weekend, Commencement, the Academic Blackouts, and even Summer Event Scheduling.

  2. When you selected the date and time did you include any setup time? Setup time can usually be the difference between spaces populating and not populating. Spaces like MGC 2-5, MGC 2nd floor, Formal Lounges, and Butler Boardroom all require setup time. Once that has been applied to your record some spaces can become unavailable.

  3. Does the headcount exceed the room that you are looking to schedule? It is sometimes the case that the "Enforce head count" is checked at the bottom of the search box. By un-selecting the box you will then see locations populate. Which may cause you to rethink how many people will be attending your event or meeting. We ask that when submitting requests that the head count reflect as close to how many people are expected to attend so that if your first preference is unavailable then we can help with placing you in another location with similar size.

  4. Spaces still might not be populating because the "Show only my authorized locations that have no time conflict" box is checked that will only show you those locations that do not have any time conflicts. Once that box is unchecked other locations will populate.