Anti-Racism Resources

As we make daily decisions about how and where we expend our energy, consider these three guides as you determine where to P.U.T. your energy. Remember, there are times we need to Plug-in, Unplug, and Take action. Below are a few resources to get your started:

  • Check out The BlackPrint's special zine edition:The Revolution '20. Read stories and view images from the staff and contributors. This zine is dedicated to "all of the Black lives that have been stolen from us due to systemic racism. Black Lives Matter!"
  • Follow: Give a follow to our Antiracism Center (@AUAntiracismCtr) on both Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram under the interim leadership of Malini Ranganathan and Christine Platt. We look forward to their work this upcoming year!
  • Watch Haymarket Book's panel on #Asians Against Abolition
  • Checkout the list from The Eagle of four Black-owned restaurants that you should be sure to add to your favorites list when you're back in DC. If you're looking for delivery, Uber Eats is waiving its delivery fees from Black-owned restaurants for the rest of 2020. 
  • Consider joining The Bethune-Woodson Society (@bwsociety_au) for a Black Lives Matter Book Club Series they've started. The book club meetings will be held via Google Meet. To register for the book club, please fill out the form in their bio to get links and emailed PDFs of the week's reading(s).
  • Remember that you are doing and have already being doing the work. We can often exhaust ourselves with the immediacy of necessary action. Remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. We have and will continue to do anti-racist work together. But we can only do so if we take care of ourselves.
  • Amplify Black scholars, artists, and activists working to end anti-Blackness. Whether sharing their content on social media, sharing directly with a friend, or donating funds where possible, every action counts.