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We believe deeply in the great value of an AU education. Our story is not the national story.

When choosing a college we believe the focus should be on selecting the best fit for your educational needs. Whether you are considering attending, or you've already chosen American University, we understand that financing your education is a significant factor in setting you on the right course for a transformational experience and lifetime of passion for effecting change.

In Washington, D.C., and across the nation, student debt, loan rates and college affordability have become increasingly important issues since the start of the recession. The economy and job market have created uncertainty for students and families across the country.

However, the value of a quality education does not fluctuate.

American University is committed to using all of its resources to help motivated students attain their educational goals. We've developed these tools and resources to help students and their families understand and manage their personal finances to take the actions that best fit their situations.

We look forward to working with you regarding financing an AU education.

bar chart showing percentage of American University institutional expenditures on merit vs. need, showing a shift from majority merit to majority need-based aid from 2009-2016, based on data from Office of Enrollment census (second week in May)

A Shift in AU Fnancial Aid

Need-based aid more than doubled in 6 years.

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bar chart showing American University average loan default rate of 3.3% vs national average of 13.7%

AU Trend: Low Default Rates

Understanding the cumulative, long-term impact of loan choices is imperative.

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chart showing reasonable and moderate undergraduate tuition and mandatory fee increases

Addressing College Costs

AU is protecting the value, moderating the cost.

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