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Faculty & Staff Collaboration Award

SIS Breaking Bread Team

Garric Buzzard, Amy Marrion, Jessica MacArthur, Kate Arion, Shawn Bates, Rachel Sawyer
School of International Service

The School of International Service (SIS) Staff Council and the Chair of the SIS Faculty Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee organized a customized version of the AU Breaking Bread program to strengthen the connection between its 127 faculty and 67 staff and administrators. In recent years, budget cuts, administrative restructuring, and other factors resulted in faculty, staff, and administrators losing connection with, and an understanding and respect for, the work of colleagues across different groups.

In order to bring the community together, the SIS Breaking Bread program utilizes existing resources on campus. The team sought input from many faculty and staff voices to ensure its appeal and success to the entire community. They applied for and won a PCDI Inclusive Excellence mini-grant and were awarded additional funding from the SIS Dean to offer a meal and dialogue.

The team worked with AU Connects to offer a facilitated conversation that addresses some of the challenges the SIS community has reported in a safe and accepting environment. The goals of the  event are to support a positive working environment for SIS faculty and staff by improving morale and sense of belonging, increase a shared understanding and appreciation of departmental functions and individual roles across the community, and deepen relationships among faculty and staff that results in improved collaboration that better serves students.

The team would like to use this pilot as a launch point for an ongoing program that supports an inclusive and engaged community and AU’s Plan for Inclusive Excellence.

Congratulations to the SIS Breaking Bread team, Garric Buzzard, Amy Marrion, Jessica MacArthur, Kate Arion, Shawn Bates, and Rachel Sawyer, for being selected as the recipients of the 2020 Faculty & Staff Collaboration Award and thank you for all that you do for American University.

Faculty & Staff Collaboration Award Nominees

Congratulations to the 2020 Faculty & Staff Collaboration Award nominees!

Although the nominees were not selected for this year's award, their outstanding work did not go unnoticed. Thank you for all you do!

SIS Global to Local Event Team
Kate Arion
Johanna Mendelson-Forman 
Malini Ranganathan 
Rachel Sullivan Robinson
Kay Summers

Community-Based Learning (CBL) Faculty Advisory Group
Meredith Burnett 
Marcy Campos 
Amanda Choutka
Larry Engel 
Lewis Faulk 
JoLynn Gardner 
Garrett Graddy-Lovelace 
Ludy Grandas 
Melissa Hawkins 
Olivia Ivey 
Adelaide Kelly-Massoud 
Caron Martinez 
Jane Palmer 
Gemma Puglisi 

Presidential Primaries Experiential Learning Team
Richard Benedetto 
Terry Bryant 
Ron Elving 
Betsy Fischer Martin 
Carrie Giddins 
Edith Laurencin 
Molly O'Rourke 
Jeremiah Patterson 
Lynne Perri 
Sherri Williams 

ARTH520: American Art and the Illusion of Truth / AU Museum Exhibit, “Art and Authenticity in the Age of Fake News”
Carla Galfano

People of Color Affinity Group
Yoo-Jin Kang
Randa Serhan 

The LA Intensive Team
Becca Castaneda 
Kristin Griswold 
Nada Maalouf 
Sarah Menke-Fish 
Tia Milledge 
Sam Mitchell
Felicia Parks 
Jonathon Sorge 

The Sexual Assault Working Group 
Mickey Irizarry 
David Kaib
Jane Palmer 
Fariha Quasem
Valerie Tovar

Term Faculty and Office of the Dean of Faculty Relationship
Abigail Puskar

Katzen Soundbites
Amanda Steadman