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What is the Continuity Partner Program?

AU’s Office of Human Resources has launched the campus-wide initiative Continuity Partners (CP)to match units in need of extra assistance with AU staff who are able to offer temporary help to support the university during this critical period as it operates in the COVID-19 expanded telework environment. The tasks and time commitment of these assignments vary - whether it is for a few hours devoted to a project, part-time help for a short period, or full-time help for a time. This provides an opportunity for units to receive support, and an opportunity for available AU staff to apply their skillsets in a temporary assignment with an AU department.

For participating staff, this initiative provides a unique opportunity as they are able to engage in new projects and gain new skills and professional partnerships as they assist other units on campus. To date, we’ve placed dozens of staff members in CP roles across campus and have received great feedback about their experience in the program.

What is a Continuity Partner? How Does it Work?

  • HR matches available staff to temporary assignments and ad-hoc projects
  • Continuity Partners represent various university functions and skillsets (ex. admin, communications, finance, tech)
  • Continuity Partner assignment hours/length are flexible


  • Log into the Careers portal in AsuccessfulU (via and search Staff Openings. All listings that are indicated as Temporary-Continuity Partners reflect current opportunities.
  • Check with your supervisor to ensure that a temporary opportunity will not interfere with your upcoming work.
  • Be notified about new opportunities that align with your interest by completing our brief Interest Form.

What types of positions are available through the Continuity Partner Program?

All types of opportunities are available – from administrative support, communications, graphic design, web, IT, and more! Periodically review the current opportunities posted on the Careers portal.

What skills are required to be a Continuity Partner?

Skill requirements range widely and are based on the assignment. Assignments do not need to align with your current AU job – apply your volunteer and work experiences too! HR will work with you to match your skillset to the right assignment.

Are there any requirements to become a Continuity Partner?

Connect with your primary supervisor first to confirm that you have time to offer another department and determine the best schedule. 

How many available hours will I need to join the program?

Assignment hours are flexible – anywhere from 5 hours to 35 hours/week. There is no required number of hours to join the program. 

How long are the assignments?

Assignment lengths vary – from a few days to a few weeks or longer. Anticipated durations are provided in the position listings in the Careers portal.

How long does it take to fill a temporary assignment?

Our goal is to fill positions within 5 business days. 

What support can I expect from HR as a Continuity Partner?

HR has gathered a dedicated team of its staff to support this initiative. Once you have expressed interest as a Continuity Partner, a team member will guide you through the entirety of your participation in the program and be your designated point of contact: from joining the program, identifying opportunities, onboarding with the temporary assignment, and returning to your primary role.

Am I paid extra for a Continuity Partner assignment?

When you accept a temporary assignment as a Continuity Partner, you will be supporting another unit for a short period. Your pay, job title, and department will not change.

How do I complete my time sheet?

Complete your time sheet as usual. However, please track the hours spent working on the Continuity Partner assignment and share them with both your primary supervisor and the temporary assignment supervisor to keep everyone informed of how your time was divided.

Will joining the Continuity Partner Program be seen as a negative?

No, participation in the Continuity Partner program is seen only as a positive. Support for the program comes from the highest levels of the university with members of the President's Cabinet highlighting its importance during the April 20, 2020 University Operations webinar.  

Who do I ask if I have a question about the Continuity Partners Program?

If you have questions about the program or want to learn more, please contact the HR Recruitment Team at

Testimonials from Managers:

“I would like to express my appreciation for the assistance provided by the AU Continuity Partners Program. This appreciation is shared by the entire Center for University Excellence (CUE) team. As we experience unprecedented times across the country, AU’s Continuity Partners Program has stepped in to alleviate some of our employment challenges. The Continuity Partners Program has provided continuing support from two professionals whose advice we have valued...each representing different subject areas, have applied their talents to CUE initiatives. I hope they have found the relationship with CUE equally beneficial and rewarding. We are grateful for this opportunity and look forward to a long and lasting relationship with our Continuity Partners. Best wishes.” – Scott Bass, Professor and Provost Emeritus, School of Public Affairs, Executive Director for the Center for University Excellence (CUE)

“I found the program very easy and well managed. I have already recommended it to others in my department. I would definitely use it again. Thanks for your help!“

“We are making good progress on [our] project. All three [Continuity Partner] employees have been great so far.”

The Continuity Partner’s “skills and expertise with video editing are exactly what we needed for the project.”  

Our Continuity Partner “has been diligent, resourceful, and responsive in assisting us in keeping the…website updated. She has been a pleasure to work with and has been a needed and valuable resource in assisting the center in an area where we have little expertise.”

Testimonials from Continuity Partners:

“The project is going well. I’m happy that I can help out where it’s needed.”

“Application was easy and ‘hiring’ went very smoothly.”


  • Most temporary opportunities can be done remotely. Time commitments vary and will match your availability.

  • Try something new! Temporary opportunities do not need to align with your current AU job function.

  • Receive personalized support from an HR employee throughout your temporary opportunity.

  • Engage in new projects and gain new skills.

  • Partner with HR to articulate your CP experience on your PMP and resume.

  • Develop new professional partnerships with AU departments and supervisors.

  • Utilize the opportunity to work on a new project or task on a temporary basis.

  • Your contributions, while always important to AU, are needed now more than ever to help AU stay strong.

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Continuity Partners Program. Need Extra Help? Here's how it works. Hiring manager process overview. Submit a temporary staffing request form. HR Recruiter will connect with you. Recruiter will identify available continuity partners.

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  • Units receive additional staff support from AU staff interested in lending a hand
  • Program is streamlined to expedite staff placement
  • HR provides direct support and guidance throughout the process and with onboarding

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