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Benefits Extension Plan

The Benefits Extension Plan, commonly referred to as the BEP, is the university's benefits program for faculty and staff members who are eligible to retire from the University (age 55 or older). Here are some key highlights:

  • BEP participants can continue their existing medical and/or dental coverage for the duration of their life.
  • BEP participants can also continue coverage for their spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent children.
  • If the retiree pre-deceases their spouse/partner and/or covered dependent children, then the spouse/partner would be eligible to continue his/her coverage under the BEP for the remainder of his/her life, and the covered dependent children would be eligible to continue their coverage under the BEP up to the plan's dependent child eligibility age limit.
  • If BEP coverage is discontinued by the participant, it cannot be reinstated at a later time. 

To be eligible for the BEP coverage, participants must be actively enrolled in medical and/or dental coverage through American University just prior to retirement.

Health and Prescription Drug coverage are offered to retirees and their spouses/partners who are Medicare-eligible, exclusively through a private Medicare exchange provided by Mercer Marketplace 365+ Retiree. For more information, call Mercer Marketplace 365+ Retiree at 855-871-0436.

Retirees meeting certain age and service requirements are also eligible for educational benefits for themselves and their dependents.

Additional information on the Benefits Extension Plan (BEP) and educational benefits can be found in the Faculty/Staff Benefits Manual.