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Psychologists and Researchers in Residence

Emeritus Faculty

Scott Parker Professor CAS - Psychology

Scott Parker began teaching at American University in 1974 and retired in 2017. His primary research activities were in psychophysics, sensory psychology, research methods, and data analysis.

  (202) 885-1719

Carol Weissbrod Associate Professor Emerita

Current Research Interests:Affect, Motivation and Identity in Child and Adolescent Athletes, Gender and Affect the Development of Attitudes About Motherhood

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Adjunct Faculty

Michael Heil Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Heil is a Psychologist-in-Residence at American University where he teaches both I/O Psychology and Occupational Health Psychology.  He is a Senior Consultant with Aon Hewitt’s Talent and

Eric Kothari Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr. Kothari is a Psychologist in Residence with interests in a number of research areas, particularly related to forensic psychology. Additionally, Dr. Kothari is a licensed clinical psychologist who

Rachel Wernicke Associate Director of Clinical Services Counseling Center