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Scholarship and Resistance 14th Annual Public Anthropology Conference

Call for Participation 2017

Submission Deadline: September 15
Please submit proposals and questions to
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2017 Conference Program

This conference will explore acts of resistance and scholarship as tools to understand and engage with movements. Though resistance in all forms has existed for centuries, recent political events around the globe have sparked increased action. This new sense of urgency requires us to understand the intersection of resistance and scholarship. Participants and audience members will engage in dialogue and share insights about the ways scholars, artists, activists, and other community members can strengthen collaborative efforts to combat social injustice, discrimination, oppression, and violations of human rights.

We welcome submissions of all kinds, including panels, papers, workshops, dialogues, posters, films, audio/visual displays, and performances, among others. Possible topics include but are certainly not limited to: advocacy, activism, power, community, environment, gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, class, conflict, migration, borders, identity, representation, education, politics and policy, development, climate change, health, globalization, neoliberalism, inequality, imperialism, militarism, technology, media, and deindustrialization.


A panel session will include 15-minute presentations of three to five papers focused on a common theme. Panel organizers should submit a 250-500 word abstract for the panel and for each paper. All panels must allocate time for audience participation.


Conference participants may also choose to submit abstracts for individual papers. Please submit a paper title and a 250-500 word abstract. Presenters will have between 15 minutes to present, with an audience-led question and answer session following presentations.


For these non-traditional presentation formats please submit a 250-500-word abstract explaining your central theme and the activity you will pursue in a 90-minute session.

Other Formats

Participants may also choose to submit other presentation formats, such as a poster, performance art, or a film screening. These submissions should include a 250-word outline of the suggested activity designed for a 90-minute session. All other artistic formats for display should be submitted with a 75-word explanation.


November 3-4, 2017
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2017 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michael Blakey

DC Metro & AU Shuttle

AU is accessible via the Tenleytown stop on the Red Line: from Metro east entrance simply walk 100 feet downhill to AU Shuttle, running every 10-15 minutes. See live bus-location app: ask the driver for main campus stop nearest MGC (immediately past Ward Circle). See also AU Maps/Directions.


Free: weekends and after 5 p.m.
Parking is available under the Katzen Arts Center on Massachusetts Avenue and in the parking deck attached to Mary Graydon Center.

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