Alumni Audit Program Suspended

In response to COVID-19, AU’s alumni and community audit program is suspended. Pausing the program enables university resources to support enrolled students as they prepare for purely online classes this fall. We hope you will consider applying to audit a course in the future. In the meantime, please find additional learning opportunities from our campus partners below.

Please visit for the latest updates on the university’s response to COVID-19.

Alumni Audit

With the 2019 launch of Changemakers for a Changing World, the university’s 5-year strategic plan, American University is committed now more than ever to promoting and supporting lifelong learning for its over 135,000 living alumni. For a nominal fee of $150, nondegree-seeking alumni are invited back to campus to audit one course per semester; $125 of the $150 fee supports the Alumni Association Scholarship, which is awarded each year to one first year student whose parent or grandparent also attended American University.

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations with questions at or(202) 885-5900.

Take a Class

By following a few simple steps, we can help you enroll in a course that interests you. Please carefully read through all information for participation in the program.

Browse the registrar’s schedule of classes to determine which courses are offered each semester. Please note applicants are unable to audit a course listed as “closed” or “waitlist”.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to select up to two additional courses as backups in the event their first choice is unavailable. If an applicant’s first choice is unavailable, they will automatically be registered for their second or third choice, if provided.

The following courses are not eligible to audit:

  • Courses taught at another college or university as part of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area
  • Institutes, seminars, workshops, or independent studies
  • Courses that require a special tuition rate
  • Other courses as determined by each academic school (see Auditing Guidelines by School)

Contact the course instructor(s) to obtain written approval for admittance to the course(s). Instructor names can be found by expanding the “View Available Sections” tab on the desired course in the schedule of classes, and instructor contact information can be found using the university directory. If no instructor name is listed, department approval will also be accepted. Contact information for academic departments can be found using the university directory. Please forward instructor or department approval to

Instructor or department approval is required of all courses selected from the schedule of classes and must be received by the Office of Alumni Relations prior to submitting the application. If an instructor or department will not give approval, applicants are encouraged to pick another course. Applications submitted without prior instructor or department approval will be denied.

Contact AU Central to ensure you are in financial good standing with the university. Any outstanding balances must be paid in full before auditing a course.

Alumni may audit only one course per semester, including during the summer semesters. The only exception made is for some language courses, in which two sequential language courses may be audited during the summer semesters with appropriate instructor or department approval. The fee to audit two sequential language courses is $200, in addition to any course-specific costs.

Instructor or department approval is required of all courses selected from the schedule of classes and must be received by the Office of Alumni Relations prior to submitting the application. Please see “Step 2 – Obtain Instructor or Department Approval” for more information.

The cost to audit a course is $150, and payment is due at the time of application. Please note this fee does not cover textbooks nor any additional course-specific costs. A receipt will automatically be sent to the applicant’s email to confirm payment was received. This receipt is not confirmation of course enrollment.

Enrollment for applicants begins on the first day of classes and ends on the last day of the add/drop period. Current students are given priority in course enrollment, and applicants will be slated for their desired course(s) based on seat availability. Applicants are encouraged to attend the first two weeks of classes and to work with the instructor or department to stay up to date with course assignments.

Confirmation of enrollment will be sent via email. If an applicant is unable to be enrolled in their desired course(s) for any reason, a confirmation of the Office of Alumni Relations’ inability to enroll an applicant will be sent via email. A full refund will also be processed at this time. If a backup course was selected, the applicant will not receive a refund and will be enrolled in their backup course.

Please note, auditors do not receive credit for courses through the Alumni Audit Program, and courses will not appear on transcripts. Alumni who wish to receive credit for their course must register as a non-degree seeking student and pay tuition at the prevailing rate. Please contact AU Central with questions.

By completing this application, applicants agree to comply with all American University policies and procedures including but not limited to American University’s Code of Conduct. Please visit for more information.

Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations with questions at or(202) 885-5900.


American University ("AU") is pleased to make classroom instruction available on a space available basis to holders of AU degrees who are in good standing with the university as well as community members age 55 and over who live in the 20016, 20015, 20008, or 20007 zip codes. An applicant must also demonstrate adherence to high standards of personal conduct and good citizenship which contribute to the overall well-being of the AU community.


While we hope to confirm all registrations as quickly as possible, please note that official enrollment begins on the first day of class for the new semester and can take up to three business days following the end of the add/drop period to verify all registrations. You are not confirmed for your course until you receive a confirmation email. Please work with your professor during this time to stay up to date with any course assignments. 

Academic Resources

Upon receiving confirmation of enrollment, access will be granted to Blackboard. Please contact Blackboard Support with questions about the platform. All other technology-related questions can be directed to the Office of Information Technology.

Dropping a Course

Please notify both the instructor and the Office of Alumni Relations ( if dropping a course. 

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