Make Meaningful Connections

My first semester of college could not have been better.

I chose American University because of my interest in politics and my love for DC. Between [weekly] site visits throughout DC...and my amazing internship working for Senator Ed Markey, my first semester of college could not have been better.

The Mentorship Program Fits with Your College Plan

Imagine spending two days a week at BBC News or at the National Institutes of Health, or even at the U.S. Senate. Or imagine living abroad-using an international city and cultural excursions as an extension of your classroom.

Think about how these experiences will impact your understanding of world issues, how they could change your outlook on your major, or what they could mean to your future.

When you join the Mentorship Program, this can happen. Working with you along the way are an AU professor and staff advisor, serving as your mentors and guiding your semester.

One Enriching Program-Three Ways to Experience It

Washington, DC

You will live on AU's campus in a residence hall, join AU student activities, and have access to all of AU's campus resources for students. An important component to this program is the Mentored Field Practicum course and internship. Helping you along the way is an AU professor, serving as your mentor and guiding your experience. Throughout your semester, you will read professional articles, write papers, and keep a journal. You also will meet one-on-one regularly with your professor to discuss your practicum experience.

Bath, England

You will immerse yourself in another culture as you study in Bath with AU and our partner, Bath Spa University (BSU). You will be enrolled in a combination of AU and BSU classes-taking classes as a cohort on BSU's campus. Additionally you will live in student housing on BSU's campus and have access to BSU's student services and activities.

Compare Programs

Washington, D.C. Bath, England
Location Washington, D.C. Bath, England with AU partner Bath Spa University
Students 150-180 24
Dates Aug 19-Dec 16 Sep 21-Dec 15
Credits 12-15 15
Experiential Internship Experience in D.C. International immersion in leadership and entrepreneurship
Site Visits Smithsonian Museums, Holocaust Memorial Museum London, Stonehenge
Mentorship Core Courses Intercultural Understanding, Introduction to College Inquiry, College Writing Intercultural Understanding, Introduction to College Inquiry, College Writing (online)
Elective Courses Choice of Politics in the US, Mathematics, or Statistics Intercultural Understanding, Introduction to College Inquiry, College Writing (online)
Housing AU residence hall with full access to AU's services Flat-style living on BSU's campus
Cost $30,650 $30,809


  • Earn 15 credits from hands-on courses that will transfer to your AU degree program in the spring semester.
  • Gain knowledge from professors who serve as mentors.
  • Develop close relationships with other students and faculty.
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