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Public Affairs, School of

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Public Affairs, School of
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016
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Dean Romzek, Credit: D. Jaffe

Credit: D. Jaffe

AU’s School of Public Affairs is home to leading scholars in public policy, public administration, criminology, law and society, organizational development, political science, and other complex fields. Our faculty – renowned for both teaching and research – bring expertise to bear and contribute to public discourse in ways that inform the public about politics, policy, public administration, and the law.

In 2014, SPA introduced a new program that supports that translation of research. Through this initiative, called Excellence with Impact, we support our faculty members in sharing their work more broadly with the scholarly and policy communities. The result is a synergy between theory and practice that expands the impact of faculty research at the national and international levels.

We have an ambitious vision for the future, building on our strengths and honoring our formidable legacy. We continue to maintain our strengths in public management, policy analysis, social policy, and nonprofit management, while enhancing our expertise in specific areas such as health policy, metro/urban governance, and national security policy. By magnifying the impact of our research, maintaining our focus on excellence teaching, and preparing students for multiple paths of success, we continue to expand our central role in the public affairs arena.

I invite those who share our commitment to service, enthusiasm for learning, and interest in shaping the public affairs dialogue to learn more about the School of Public Affairs at American University.

Barbara S. Romzek
School of Public Affairs
American University