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Common ground. Greater purpose.

I want the Baby Boomers and millennials to recognize we need each other.

From short films to web series, Shayla builds her stories around everyday life events. She explores what makes us different, but more important, what brings us together. Sometimes that’s life milestones, while other times it’s a common cause or fight. Inspired by a conversation with her grandmother, her current project is a dialogue between two generations of African Americans and their unique approaches to activism.

MFA in Film and Electronic Media

Screen grab from Factitious game: Can you tell real news from fake news? Swipe right if you think the article is real. Swipe left if you think the article is fake.

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Game Sets Sights on Fake News

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American University President Neil Kerwin and the President's Award recipient, Shannon Scovel.

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Lapping the Field: Shannon Scovel Wins the President’s Award

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A frame from the television show "the firing line"

Online Event - Get With the Program: "Firing Line"