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US-Pakistan Women's Council

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  • 2014 MOU on Women’s Economic Empowerment
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Women Are the Key to a Prosperous Future

Gender Equality Pays Large Dividends

New research by McKinsey shows that if women served the labor market in roles equivalent to those played by men, then by 2025, annual global GDP would increase by 26 percent, or $28 trillion.  

Pakistan's Vision 2025 development strategy aims to raise women's participation in the formal economy to 45 percent by 2025. Although their participation rose from below 20 percent to nearly 25 percent in recent years, the World Bank and World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report this year underscored the need to speed progress. 

To accelerate momentum, the U.S.-Pakistan Women's Council links public and private partners in ways that can deepen their impact on women's entrepreneurship, employment and education. See recent achievements in report and fact sheet below.

2016 January - June Council Achievements

USPWC_achievements image

See previous Achievement Reports in the link under Initiatives.

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