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Results of Graduation Census as of six months after graduation for May graduates from 2014—2016.

History of The Dav


What was SIS's Davenport Coffee Lounge way back when the school first opened? See how The Dav evolved into the coffee shop we know and love today.

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Stack of history books, including one from 2017

International ·

13 things that made history in 2017

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Distinguished Scholar in Residence Nora Bensahel

First Person ·

Why SIS’s Nora Bensahel signed #metoonatsec

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SIS in the News

Several men gather outside a building in the shade

International ·

Combating HIV/AIDS at home and abroad

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The corner of 8th Street and Florida Avenue in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC.

In the Community ·

Building peace in DC’s Shaw neighborhood

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Dr. Ibram X. Kendi

Achievements ·

Racism in America

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Style meets values

If we can change the way consumers behave, we can change how companies behave.

I cofounded Wearwell, a company whose mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry’s impact on the environment and worker’s rights. We provide a personalized shopping experience that connects our customers to clothing that fits their individual style and values. While it’s challenging work, it’s fulfilling to change mindsets and see people become more conscious about how they live. Learn more about Wearwell.