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The SIS Office of Career Development

We are a team of career advisors and strategists who create opportunities for student learning and development to prepare the school's upperclassmen and graduate students for life after college. We listen, advise, provide resources, and make connections to empower students to translate their passions into fulfilling lives and global careers in government, non-profits, and business.

The SIS Office of Career Development:

  • Helps students identify and understand skills, values, interests, and experiences and their impact on career choice and work performance;
  • Collaborates with students to develop customized action plans and learning outcomes in support of all stages of career development;
  • Develops programs and events to connect students with alumni and industry experts for career education through mentorship;
  • Maintains a library of current occupational, educational, and employment information;
  • Helps students find and pursue opportunities for experiential learning to polish professional skills and optimize future career options; and
  • Provides career guidance for diverse populations and accessible to all students.
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Career Advising

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a career advisor at any point during your program.

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Learning negotiation skills

The Career Office helped me negotiate a higher salary.

I worked with a team member in the Career Office during my last semester. She was such an amazing resource, providing me with starting points for the job search and helping me perfect my first cover letters and resumes. In the last few weeks, I worked with a different team member who helped put me at ease about the interview and negotiating process and helped me practice my handshake. She even took time to speak to me on the phone so I could practice my counter offer script - which helped me get a $2,500 salary increase.

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