Welcome, Employers!

Are you interested in recruiting and/or connecting with students pursuing careers in international affairs? We want to work with you. Please contact Shaine Melnick at smelnick@american.edu or 202-885-2511 to learn more about opportunities to connect with SIS students.

Jobs & Internships

The SIS Office of Career Development shares full- and part-time jobs and internships with SIS students through our Twitter account and weekly Friday e-newsletters. Send any opportunities to join your team to sisundergradcareer@american.edu and/or sisgradcareer@american.edu.

If you want to reach a broader audience, please use AU CareerWeb, our free recruitment tool, to post and promote jobs and internships for 15,000 registered AU student and alumni users.  

Career Events

The SIS Office of Career Development organizes a series of career events to help SIS undergraduate and graduate students learn about career options, sharpen professional skills, and meet people working in their target jobs and fields. All of these events offer an opportunity for employers, alumni, and other friends of the university to support the career development of aspiring international affairs professionals.

We invite employers to host a one-hour information session to build awareness of your organization and promote upcoming opportunities to join your team. These events can take place on campus or online via Adobe Connect. If you’d like to meet with students in a less formal setting, we can arrange for you to host an information table for three hours in the high-traffic atrium of the SIS building.

Jump Start January is a series of intensive, three-hour training workshops that teach the parts of career readiness for a specific field with the biggest impact and relevance to student and employer needs. The first hour of each boot camp is dedicated to exploration of career options as they relate to students' personal preferences. During the second hour, we invite a panel of mid-career professionals to share firsthand experiences and practical advice with students. Finally, for the third hour, we bring in recent alumni for a candid conversation about tips and tools students can use to make themselves competitive candidates for their desired roles.

In March, we host a day of mock interviews during which SIS students participate in one 30-minute practice interview (a 20-minute interview followed by 10 minutes of feedback) with a recruiter or hiring manager. We invite interviewers to join us on campus or online via Adobe Connect for a two-hour time block. We provide a list of sample questions and feedback criteria, as well as the students’ resumes, cover letters, and job posts in advance. The goal of this event is to help students develop effective interview strategies, learn how to answer difficult questions, improve communication skills, and reduce stress before an actual interview.

In August, we host a day of site visits during which SIS students travel in pre-set groups to the offices of 2-3 different employers working in the same field. Each visit lasts 1-1½ hours and can include a short office tour, an on-site information session about the organization, and a discussion with employees about their experiences and reflections since graduation. The Site Visit Day aims to help students explore a particular field in international affairs, learn about different employers working in that field, and start to develop career goals. On vacation in August? We also plan site visits throughout the academic year.

In October, we host our Job Shadow Program to provide an opportunity for SIS students to engage in career exploration through job shadowing. Student applicants are selected for one of several concurrent job shadow experiences by SIS career advisors and professional hosts. Students spend at least half a day of work with their assigned host during which they can participate in a short office tour, a meet-and-greet with current interns, team meetings or other events, informational interviews with employees in various roles, and lunch with their host and other alumni. The Job Shadow Program aims to help students explore different jobs and workplaces, connect classroom learning to real-world application, clarify career goals, and start to develop a network of professional contacts working in their target field.

Our colleagues in the central AU Career Center plan the university’s Job and Internship Fair each fall and spring to give employers the opportunity meet talented AU students and alumni seeking full- and part-time jobs and internship. This high-impact event connects representatives from 140 nonprofit organizations, companies, and government agencies with more than 1,200 students and alumni from a variety of disciplines within the university. The Job and Internship Fair is open to AU students and alumni and registered employers only.