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Research Administration Certification (RAC) Program

Upcoming Grant Administration Roundtable 

Evsions Research Suite (Cayuse 424 and SP) Resources and Training

Research Administration Certification Program

The Office of Sponsored Programs, in collaboration with Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA), is pleased to announce the next year of our Research Administration Certification program at American University. RAC is a comprehensive training and certification program designed to assist AU departmental and school/college level staff with research administration and/or grant/contract management responsibilities. The RAC program provides pertinent information to enable participants to effectively manage sponsored awards.  

The RAC program consists of eight (8) consecutive sessions that will be offered annually throughout academic year (Sept. – May). Each session lasts approximately 2 hours (depending on content), and will include topics covering proposal preparation, research compliance, financial management and reporting, as well as applicable regulations, polices, and guidelines governing sponsored grant and contract awards.  

The following instructor-led sessions will be offered during 2017-18: 

Session 1: Overview of Research Administration (Pre-Award)

Date: Wednesday, September 20

Time/Location: 10:00- 12:00pm/Spring Valley Building RM 602

Session 2: Proposal Related Issues (Pre-Award)

Date: Wednesday, October 18

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/Spring Valley Building RM 602

Session 3: Grants Management Pre-Award Issues

Date: Wednesday, November 15

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/Spring Valley Building RM 602

Session 4: Grants Management Post-Award Issues

Date: Wednesday, December 6

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/Spring Valley Building RM 602

Session 5: Financial Management I (Post-Award Policies)

Date: TBD

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/TBD

Session 6: Financial Management II (Post-Award Procedures)

Date: TBD

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/TBD

 Session 7: Systems Overview

Date: TBD

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/SVB 320

Session 8: Research Compliance Overview

Date: TBD

Time/Location:10:00- 12:00pm/Online

In addition, online sessions will be offered. The online sessions also provide individuals who want a "refresher" on a particular RAC session the opportunity to do so. For more details please e-mail

A certificate will be issued upon successful completion of all 8 RAC sessions and required quizzes.


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Please mark your calendars for the following upcoming Grants Administrators Roundtable (GAR) session: 

Date Time Location
09.21.17 10-11:30am MGC 3-4
12.7.17 10-11:30 am




Roundtable topics are forthcoming:

Please RSVP to with your name, job title, and academic unit.

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Cayuse 424 and Cayuse SP Resources and Training

American University is proud to offer the Evisions Research Suite of products as its grants management solution. 

Cayuse 424 is a fast, easy-to-use web application created specifically to simplify the creation, review, and electronic submission of grant proposals.

Cayuse SP is a cloud-based solution that is designed to allow the management of proposals and awards across their entire life-cycle. SP's Web interface provides users with direct access to the fields necessary to create a centralized collection of information about sponsors, subcontractors, compliance, export control, and other institutionally required proposal and award data. This eases proposal development and access to award information while fostering greater collaboration between PIs, units and the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Access the Evisions Research Suite Here.

If you have questions about Cayuse please contact Joe Gesa at or ext. 3977

Access to Research Suite user guides and support can be found here (registration with AU credentials is required):

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