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OSP | Technical & Financial Reports

Technical Reports

Most sponsored projects/programs require submission of both interim reports and a final report. Failure to submit reports by the deadline date as specified by the sponsored award may not only adversely affect the principal investigator's/project director’s (and the university's) ability to receive further support from the sponsor, but may result in a loss of payment for costs already incurred. To assist in ensuring reports are submitted timely, the Project Brief will indicate due dates for reports, and a reminder notice will be sent to the PI/PD referencing the project end date.

All principal investigators/project directors with active grants are required to send copies of all technical reports to the office of their dean or executive unit head as well as to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Some agencies require technical reports to be countersigned by an Institutional Official and submitted electronically. The OSP Director or Vice Provost of Research/Dean of Graduate Studies will countersign reports when a signature by an Institutional Official is required and when sponsors require an Institutional Official to submit the technical report.

Financial Reports

Financial reports are prepared by Grants and Contracts Accounting when required. GCA uses the guidelines supplied by the sponsor to complete such reports. Completion of financial reports is done according to the schedule requirements as required by the sponsor.

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