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OSP | Contract Closeout

Close-Out Procedures

Approximately 90 days before the expiration of a project, GCA will send e-mail notices to the PI/PD and other members of the project team to remind them of the expected end date of a sponsored award. OSP will then follow up with the principal investigator/project director regarding the project status. Depending on the sponsor and the terms of the award, the principal investigator/project director will confirm the status as one of the following three:

  • Close as scheduled (PI/PD will develop all technical and/or final reports if required, and GCA will prepare and submit all of the required financial reports)

If there are other matters related to close-out or if the principal investigator/project director needs guidance, these matters can be discussed before the official end date of the project.

OSP, in conjunction with the principal investigator/project director and GCA, reviews items on the sponsored award close-out form. This form ensures that:

  • All required technical and financial reports have been submitted to the sponsor in a timely manner;
  • Any agency requirements for the transfer or disposal of property owned by the government have been met;
  • Patent and/or copyright procedures have been followed, and
  • Personnel hired only for the duration of project have been officially terminated form employment withthe university.

OSP handles all necessary negotiations regarding property disposal or transfer, while Accounting prepares the final financial report including all charges to date. The principal investigator/project director is responsible for notifying GCA of pending financial charges so that appropriate arrangements can be made for billing the sponsor. Charges received after the financial report has been submitted to the sponsor will be charged to the principal investigator's/project director’s teaching unit.

OSP will initiate a project brief advising of the award close-out after all items per the sponsored award close-out form have been completed.

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