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Reports from the BILAT USA 4.0 Project

Report on EU Funding Opportunities for U.S. Researchers:
The overall objective of this report is to inform the US Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) community about the funding opportunities that are available at European Union (EU), Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) in a comprehensive way.

EU-U.S. Research Collaboration Patterns:
The report provides a short overview of some of the key cooperation patterns between the USA and Europe in research and innovation. It serves as a baseline for the activities of the project BILAT USA 4.0 which relate to the support of established research priorities and outlines several analytical steps that will support the further definition and discussion of these priorities throughout the lifetime of the project. The report provides a basis on the activities to further stimulate research actors from EU and the US towards increased and deeper research cooperation.

Report on U.S. Funding Opportunities for European Researchers:
The purpose of this document is to provide researchers within the European Union with a list of potential funding sources in the United States that accept applications and/or collaborations from foreign applicants for sponsored projects. It is also intended to help EU researchers understand the US federal and non-federal funding landscape for research projects across various academic disciplines.