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Living in the Halls

Safety and Security

Safety is a primary concern for parents, students, and the University. Residence halls are locked 24-hours a day and can only be entered using the student's American University (AU) One Card. Students may visit other halls, but only with an escort.

The University's Department of Public Safety is committed to ensuring the safety of all students. Crime prevention efforts include a 24-hour escort service, emergency phones across the campus, and physical defense courses.

Students play a tremendous role in residence hall security. Simply by locking your door when not in the room, even if only for a few seconds, is the best measure students can take to protect their belongings. Furthermore, keeping your door locked at all times, especially at night when asleep, is another important way to enhance your personal safety and security. Resident students can greatly impact the overall safety and security of the residence halls by being aware and reporting concerning persons or activity to hall staff.

Mail and Package Service

We cannot begin accepting packages for the Fall 2017 semester until Monday, August 14. Any delivery attempts prior to this date will be refused for storage space reasons.

All correspondence should be addressed to you as follows:

[Student's Name]
American University
[Residence Hall] [Room Number]
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016-XXXX

The Zip+4 Codes for Each Residence Hall are as Follows:

  • Anderson Hall: 20016-8101
  • Cassell Hall 20016-8053
  • Centennial Hall 20016-8102
  • Clark Hall 20016-8138
  • Congressional Hall 20016-8132
  • Constitution Hall 20016-8131
  • Federal Hall 20016-8133
  • Hughes Hall 20016-8105
  • Leonard Hall 20016-8103
  • Letts Hall 20016-8104
  • McDowell Hall 20016-8106
  • Nebraska Hall 20016-8114
  • Roper Hall 20016-8129

For detailed information about receiving mail on campus, refer to Mail Services.

Package Rooms

Package rooms are open Monday through Sunday, 12-5 p.m. throughout the academic year. Check below to see where your package room is designated.

  • Anderson, Centennial: Anderson Hall
  • Letts, Clark, Roper: Letts Hall
  • Hughes, McDowell, Leonard: McDowell Hall
  • Congressional, Constitution, Federal: Federal Hall
  • Cassell: Cassell Hall
  • Nebraska: Nebraska Hall

Berkshire Apartments

If you are a resident of the Berkshire Apartments through American University Housing & Residence Life, correspondence should be addressed as follows:

[Student's Name]
4201 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Apartment #[Number]
Washington, D.C. 20016

Each apartment has its own mailbox located in the mail room, located adjacent to the main lobby. For larger pieces of mail and packages, you will be contacted by the Berkshire Concierge and can pick those up at their desk in the lobby as well when you show your ID and specify that you're in an AU-leased apartment.

Telephone Service

Now that student ownership of cell phones has reached the point where a vast majority of students no longer require a university-provided telephone service, AU's residence halls do not provide telephones in individual rooms.

There are a few pay phones located in different halls for students who do not have a cell phone.

Students who have cell phones will be required to register their cell phone numbers with the University, in compliance with the Housing License Agreement, so they can be reached in an emergency or for necessary university business. AU continues to work to end "dead spots" on campus by partnering with AT&T and T-Mobile.

Additionally, each residence hall has a front desk:

  • Anderson and Centennial Front Desk: (202) 885-7700
  • Hughes Front Desk: (202) 885-7701
  • Leonard Front Desk: (202) 885-7702
  • Letts, Clark, and Roper Front Desk: (202) 885-7704
  • McDowell Front Desk:(202) 885-7706
  • Nebraska Front Desk: (202) 885-7707
  • Cassell Front Desk: (202) 885-7703
  • Federal Front Desk: (202) 885-7709
  • Constitution Front Desk: (202) 885-7705
  • Congressional Front Desk: (202) 885-7708

Parking Regulations and Local Transportation

First-year students and Washington Semester Program students living in the residence halls are prohibited from bringing cars to campus. Students wishing to keep a car on campus should visit Parking and Transportation Services for the most up-to-date parking policy information.

AU is connected to the Washington, DC and areas of Maryland and Virginia through the D.C. Metro train system, Metrobus, the AU Shuttle Service, and AUTO (the American University Transit Organization). For more information about Metro and Metrobus, call 202-637-7000 or visit WMATA.