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Housing & Dining Programs

Welcome to Housing & Dining Programs at American University

It is our hope that conducting the business of living and dining on-campus is a smooth and enjoyable process for students and their families. By offering services such as on-campus housing, off-campus resources, meal plans and EagleBucks, and the university One Card program in one department, our goal is to allow students to focus on their education in and out of the classroom. The staff of Housing and Dining Programs strives to create meaningful student experiences in the residence halls and on-campus while encouraging students to learn and grow together in community.

Housing & Dining Program's Mission Statement

Housing & Dining Programs develops inclusive, student-centered residential communities that enhance the academic experience of each resident while providing services that support the greater university community.

To that end, we are committed to:

  • Delivering quality opportunities and services that anticipate the needs and exceed the expectations of the university community by ensuring that the residential and dining experience is our highest priority.
  • Providing safe, secure and well-maintained residential environments that promote personal success, social engagement and global responsibility.
  • Fostering an appreciation of each individual in ways that increase awareness through active, intentional and continuous engagement with diversity.
  • Nurturing the holistic development of residential students through communities that promote co-curricular learning.
  • Improving our practices and procedures through ongoing assessment, targeted goal development and benchmarking our progress.

Housing & Dining Program's Green Mission Statement

Housing & Dining Programs is committed to the active pursuit of environmental sustainability. We will serve our University community as professional examples and personal proponents of institutional change, and foster dialogue amongst residents who are becoming the leaders of our green future. Specifically, we are dedicated to:

  • Providing our residents, guests, staff and campus partners with the knowledge, skills and resources to actively contribute as environmentally responsible leaders in local and global communities;
  • Building and maintaining urban residential facilities that seek to minimize our ecological footprint;
  • Supporting the availability and encouraging the use of locally-grown food, served in a sustainable way;
  • Recognizing the impact of our purchasing decisions and encouraging the use of environmentally responsible products and services.


Contact Us


Housing and Dining Programs
Anderson Hall First Floor
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20016-8142

Hours of Operation: (see University calendar for holidays)



202-885-3370 Housing & Dining Programs

202-885-7700 Anderson and Centennial Hall Front Desk

202-885-7701 Hughes Hall Front Desk

202-885-7702 Leonard Hall Front Desk

202-885-7704 Letts Hall Front Desk

202-885-7709 Federal Hall Front Desk and East Campus Mail Line

202-885-7708 Congressional Hall Front Desk

202-885-7705 Constitution Hall Front Desk (opens Fall 2017)

202-885-7706 McDowell Hall Front Desk

202-885-7707 Nebraska Hall Front Desk

202-885-7703 Cassell Hall Front Desk

202-885-8247 University Conference & Guest Services




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