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Kogod Staff Contact List

General Information

Kogod School of Business
American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016

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Other Inquiries:

Office of the Dean

  1. John Delaney, Dean, Kogod School of Business

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    John T. Delaney is Professor of Management and Dean of the Kogod School of Business at American University. He is a passionate advocate for experiential learning, which reflects the notion that students learn more from doing and practicing than from … More

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    (202) 885-1985

  1. Joanne Espinoza, Assistant to the Dean

    KSB - Dean's Office

    Send email to Joanne Espinoza

    (202) 885-1986

  2. Robert Sweeney, Director of Strategic Partnerships

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Robert (Bob) Sweeney is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, educational leader and non-profit executive. Over the course of his career, he has built organizations from the ground up, led investor groups in the purchase and disposition of real est… More

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  3. Rebecca Cooper, Executive in Residence

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    ‘Washington Business Report’ creator and longtime anchor Rebecca Cooper now serves as an Executive-­In-­Residence and Special Adviser to the Dean for Strategic Initiatives at Kogod School of Business and as a faculty member at the School of Communica… More

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Academic Affairs

  1. Ajay Adhikari, Professor

    KSB - Accounting

    Professor Adhikari teaches financial and international accounting and conducts research focused on determinants of international accounting diversity, international accounting harmonization and accounting infrastructure in emerging markets. In 2009-2… More

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    (202) 885-1993

  2. Reena Dwire, Academic Affairs Coordinator

    KSB - Academic Affairs

    Send email to Reena Dwire

    (202) 885-6691

  3. Takei Roach, Academic Affairs Coordinator

    KSB - Academic Affairs

    Send email to Takei Roach

    (202) 885-1963

Administration & Academic Support


  1. Mindy Schuster, Assistant Dean for Finance and Operations

    KSB - Budget

    Mindy Schuster leads the planning and administration of all matters related to the finances of the Kogod School of Business. She oversees budget administration, financial management, human resources, facilities, faculty administrative support and inf… More

    Send email to Mindy Schuster

    (202) 885-1954

  2. Neelum Buttar, Financial Operations Manager

    KSB - Budget

    Send email to Neelum Buttar

    (202) 885-1896

  3. Nicole Ataei, Budget Specialist

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Send email to Nicole Ataei

    (202) 885-1897

Kogod Development

Digital Initiatives

  1. Jill Klein, Assistant Dean for Digital Initiative, KSB

    KSB - Information Technology

    Professor Klein brings more than 30 years of IT and banking management experience to the classroom. Jill Klein serves as the Assistant Dean for Digital Initiatives and New Programs at the Kogod School of Business which includes Business@American prog… More

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    (202) 885-1856

  2. Jolie Roetter, Director of Global Learning Programs, KSB

    KSB - Acad Progs

    Jolie joined the Kogod School of Business in December, 2011. She manages international programs for both graduate and undergraduate students including short term programs, semester, summer and year-long exchange programs. Jolie advises all KSB studen… More

    Send email to Jolie Roetter

    (202) 885-1940

  3. Jennifer Hoeritz, Director, Instructional Technology

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Jennifer joined the Kogod School of Business in May 2012, bringing over fifteen years of Training and Development experience. She works collaboratively across the School, University and with educational providers to support faculty in the design, dev… More

    Send email to Jennifer Hoeritz

    (202) 885-1922

  4. Maureen Breslin, Director, Partner Facing Online Programs

    KSB - Acad Progs - Graduate

    Breslin oversees all facets of the Online MBA and MS Analyics Programs, including admissions, academic advising and faculty support. From 2007 to 2015, Breslin directed all student-athlete academic support and life skills for the Academic Support &… More

    Send email to Maureen Breslin

    (202) 885-6659

  5. Adrian Mihailescu, Director of Technology, KSB

    KSB - Dean's Office

    Adrian manages and coordinates the administrative and operational activities of the Kogod School of Business IT support area. Aside from assessing and consulting on acquisitions of software and hardware, he also contributes to the overall IT strategy… More

    Send email to Adrian Mihailescu

    (202) 885-2114

  6. Eileen Rider, Associate Director, Partner Facing Online Programs

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Send email to Eileen Rider

Graduate Programs


  1. Wendy Boland, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, KSB

    KSB -  Acad Progs - Graduate

    Professor Boland joined the Marketing Department at Kogod in the fall of 2008 after receiving her Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Arizona. Her research focuses on consumer decision making, risky consumption, consumer well-being, information… More

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    (202) 885-1976

  2. Brian McEntee, Associate Director of Graduate Studies, KSB

    KSB - Acad Progs - Graduate

    Send email to Brian McEntee

    (202) 885-1909

  3. Michelle Park, Associate Director for Graduate Programs

    KSB -  Acad Progs - Graduate

    Send email to Michelle Park

    (202) 885-1953


  1. Quentin Johnson, Assistant Director of Admissions

    Admissions Enrollment Services

    Quentin Johnson has been an Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions since July 2014. Prior to joining the Kogod Graduate Admissions team he worked in undergraduate admissions for AU for two years. He is responsible for recruiting, admission and con… More

    Send email to Quentin Johnson

    (202) 885-1901

Programming & Student Activities

  1. Andrew Toczydlowski, Assoc Director of Programming & Student Activities, KSB

    KSB - Acad Progs - Student Activities

    Andrew currently works with graduate students in Kogod to implement co-curricular programming. In addition to advising graduate business student organizations, Andrew facilitates orientation programming, commencement logistics, and student involvemen… More

    Send email to Andrew Toczydlowski

    (202) 885-1982

  2. Catherine Irving, Associate Director, Programming and Student Activities

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    As the Associate Director of Programming and Student Activities, Kate works closely with Kogod students to enhance their business and college experiences through experiential learning. The K-LAB (Kogod Leadership and Applied Business) is a uniquely … More

    Send email to Catherine Irving

    (202) 885-1931

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Jesse Boeding, Adjunct Instructor

    KSB - Academic Programs - UG

    Send email to Jesse Boeding

    (202) 885-1912

  2. Erika Waxbom, Academic Advisor

    KSB - Acad Progs - Undergraduate

    Send email to Erika Waxbom

    (202) 885-1914

  3. Gregory Bailey, Director, Undergraduate Programs

    KSB - Acad Progs

    Greg came to American University in November 2011. He started as an Academic Advisor in the Kogod School of Business where he helped students create graduation plans, connected them with academic resources, and navigate the university. In July 2014, … More

    Send email to Gregory Bailey

    (202) 885-1925

  4. Chelsea Heidt, Program Coordinator, Digital Initiatives and Online

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Chelsea Heidt serves as a coordinator for the online master's programs at the Kogod School of Business. She works with faculty and Kogod's partner programs to ensure that faculty and students alike have the support they need to excel in their program… More

    Send email to Chelsea Heidt

    (202) 885-6376

  5. Rene Thomas, Associate Director of Graduate Studies, KSB

    KSB - Acad Progs - Graduate

    Send email to Rene Thomas

    (202) 885-1911

Marketing & Communications

  1. Carrie Moskal, Graphic Designer

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Send email to Carrie Moskal

    (202) 885-2810

  2. Garland Knott, Director of Strategic Communication

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Send email to Garland Knott

    (202) 885-1918

  3. Edward Kobus, Web Designer

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Edward Kobus is a designer and front-end developer specializing in web, user interfaces and user experiences. Edward designs, codes, and creates graphic multimedia for online marketing efforts. He is fluent in HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and PHP coding la… More

    Send email to Edward Kobus

    (202) 885-1947

  4. Ali Yares, Digital Media Manager

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Non-profit & education professional successfully managing departments and projects, designing processes, and benchmarking success through the use of analytics and research.

    Send email to Ali Yares

    (202) 885-1957

Kogod Tax Center

  1. Donald Williamson, Professor

    KSB - Accounting

    Professor Williamson, the Kogod Eminent Professor of Taxation and the Howard S. Dvorkin Faculty Fellow, teaches a number of subjects related to taxation, is director of the Masters of Science in Taxation degree program, and serves as executive direct… More

    Send email to Donald Williamson

    (202) 885-1942

  1. Caroline Bruckner, Executive in Residence

    KSB - Accounting

    Caroline Bruckner joined the Kogod School of Business from her most recent position as Senior Counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee for Energy and Natural Resources. In that role, she advised the Committee and its Chair, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), on… More

    Send email to Caroline Bruckner

Kogod Center for Business Communications

  1. Shenandoah Sowash, Adjunct Instructor

    KSB - Acad Progs

    In addition to co-directing the KCBC, Shenandoah designs and teaches classes and tailored workshops in business writing, public speaking, and creativity to both business and non-business students.

    Send email to Shenandoah Sowash

    (202) 885-1927

  2. Caron Martinez, Director, Kogod Center for Business Communication Curriculum

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Caron Martinez taught academic writing at American University (AU) for eight years in the College Writing Program before being named Director of Business Communications for AU’s Kogod School of Business in summer 2016. She manages Kogod's peer-staffe… More

    Send email to Caron Martinez

    (202) 885-3796

Kogod Center for Career Development

  1. Wim Taylor, Director of Alumni Engagement

    KSB - Ctr for Career Devel

    Wim Taylor joined the Kogod Center for Career Development in September 2011 as the Associate Director of Employer Relations. In November of 2014, Wim transitioned into the role of Director of Alumni Engagement where he is tasked with cultivating rela… More

    Send email to Wim Taylor

    (202) 885-1196

  2. Arlene Hill, Assistant Dean, Career Services & Alumni Engagement

    KSB - Ctr for Career Devel

    Arlene Hill has been at American University as the head of KCCD since June 2009. Throughout her 15+ years in academia, she has educated undergraduate and graduate students on lifelong career management skills at Georgetown University, Indiana Univers… More

    Send email to Arlene Hill

    (202) 885-1939

  3. Annie Matanin, Associate Director, Employer Recruitment Svcs

    KSB - Ctr for Career Devel

    Annie Matanin joined the Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) in February 2009 as the Manager of Corporate Relations. In this role she focuses on cultivating and building strategic relationships with employers and alumni. Serving as a liaison b… More

    Send email to Annie Matanin

    (202) 885-1782

  4. Andrea Carpenter, Associate Director, Career Development

    KSB - Ctr for Career Devel

    Andrea Carpenter has been with Kogod since 2011 and leads the career advising team of professional and student staff to deliver career advising services and programming for undergraduate, specialty MS, and alumni populations. Her background in academ… More

    Send email to Andrea Carpenter

    (202) 885-2585

  5. Jessica Johnson, Adjunct Instructor

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Jessica Johnson joined the KCCD as a Career Management Advisor in December 2014. Before coming to American University, Jessica worked in a dual capacity as a career coach and member of the employer relations team at University of Baltimore. Prior to … More

    Send email to Jessica Johnson

    (202) 885-3697

  6. Adrienne O'Rourke, Assistant Director, Employer Relations

    KSB - Kogod School of Business

    Adrienne O'Rourke joined the Kogod Center for Career Development (KCCD) in March 2015 as the Assistant Director of Employer Relations. Adrienne's role is to manage recruiting through CareerSource, On-Campus Recruiting (OCR), Information Sessions and … More

    Send email to Adrienne O'Rourke

Kogod Faculty Department Chairs

  1. Parthiban David, Associate Professor

    KSB - Management

    Professor David is currently the Collins Chair in Management. He teaches strategic management. His primary research interests are on the impact of corporate governance on corporate strategy and firm performance. His research has been published in jou… More

    Send email to Parthiban David

    (202) 885-2080

  2. Frank DuBois, Associate Professor

    KSB - International Business

    Professor DuBois is Associate Professor of International Business and Chair of the International Business Department. His research focus is in global supply chain management, customs facilitation, country of origin impacts and industrial cluster theo… More

    Send email to Frank DuBois

    (202) 885-1967

  3. Jeffrey Harris, Professor

    KSB - Finance and Real Estate

    Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris is currently the Gary D. Cohn Goldman Sachs Chair in Finance at Kogod. Dr. Harris has an extensive background in market microstructure and regulatory issues. He recently served as Chief Economist at the U.S. Commodity Futures Tr… More

    Send email to Jeffrey Harris

    (202) 885-6669

  4. Gopal Krishnan, Professor

    KSB - Accounting

    Gopal Krishnan is the Chair of the Department of Accounting and Taxation at the Kogod School. Before joining AU, Professor Krishnan held the Perella Chair in Accounting at Lehigh University and the Northern Chapter of the Virginia Society of Certifie… More

    Send email to Gopal Krishnan

    (202) 885-6460

  5. Anusree Mitra, Associate Professor

    KSB - Marketing

    Professor Mitra teaches marketing management, consumer behavior, and marketing research. Her research focuses on consumer perceptions of marketing information such as advertising, nutritional labeling, and other mandatory disclosures, and their publi… More

    Send email to Anusree Mitra

    (202) 885-1975

  6. Edward Wasil, Professor

    KSB - Information Technology

    Professor Wasil is a well-known scholar in the areas of network optimization and applications of decision-aiding methods. He has published more than 100 technical articles in a wide variety of academic outlets including Production and Operations Mana… More

    Send email to Edward Wasil

    (202) 885-1966