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Parent (Person Proxy) Access

Please note student authorization is required for Parent (Proxy) Access per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you are unable to access Student Finance information please contact the student to set-up authorization.

Once the student has authorized access, the parent will receive an email with their username and password. Click the button below to login to Person Proxy with your new credentials.

IMPORTANT: Before you can use the new Person Proxy functionality, your student has to authorize your access to their financial information. Even if you had previous authorization, your access needs to be re-authorized again by your student in Eagle Service.

Once your access has been re-authorized, please follow the steps below to access your student’s financial information.

1. Go to the Student Accounts webpage.

2. Click “Eagle Service for Parents”

3. Click “Pay/View Bill” link

4. Sign in with your “user name” and “password” (If you already have login credentials, then you can use them to sign in)

5. Select your student’s name to access their account. Please note, you must select the Student Name to make payment on the students account. Please note, don't select the Parent Name (You) to make payments for the student.


 Person Proxy Log in

If you already have student authorization please click the button "Pay/View Bill".

AU Student Account Bill Payment


Video Tutorial 

Online video tutorial .  If you have any questions related to Eagle Services, please contact AU Central at