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Rave Guardian Campus Safety App

Rave Guardian Campus Safety App

The Rave Guardian Campus Safety App transforms mobile phones on your campus into personal safety devices.

Guardian enhances safety on campus through a virtual safety network of friends, family, and campus safety.

  1. Panic Button: Direct immediate connection to campus safety with GPS location and personal profile information.
  2. Tip Texting: Enables anonymous crime tip reporting and 2-way communication via SMS or mobile app.
  3. Personal Guardians: Students can identify friends, roommates, and family as 'Guardians' along with Campus Safety. Students can set a Rave Guardian Timer. During a Timer session Guardians and Campus Safety can check status of student. If the Rave Guardian timer is not deactivated before it expires, campus safety is automatically provided with the user's Rave Guardian profile to proactively identify and check-in on the individual.

How to Install and Use the App

Rave Guardian App

Click here to download the Android app from the Google Play Store

Click here to download the iOS app from the Apple App Store

Once the app installs on your mobile device complete your registration, make sure you use your official university email address as your registration email.