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Faculty Senate Meeting Summary Feb 8, 2018

Senate Chair Andrea Pearson called for nominations for the next vice chair by the March 2018 meeting.

Provost Scott Bass reported that faculty manual reforms, most to codify the role of term faculty members and their rights, terms of employment, and promotion ladders have been implemented. SPA has a new dean and SIS is completing its dean search. The Committee on Faculty Actions would like units to help designate how to implement the manual for requirements of term faculty in teaching, research, and service. Applications for the undergraduate programs are near an all-time high.  

Vice Provost Jessica Waters presented and the Senate voted to approve the first of several reforms to the academic regulations.

Dean of Academic Affairs Mary Clark introduced Carol Crawford, the New Title IX investigator for complaints against faculty.

A discussion was held regarding faculty, sexual harassment, and the campus climate. Provost Bass asked for Faculty Senate feedback regarding whether American University should join other DC-area institutions in seeking to conduct criminal background and sex offender registry checks of newly hired faculty. Discussion followed, with some faculty members asking how the information would be used in hiring and retention. Mary Clark initiated discussion of a possible ban on consensual relationships of faculty with undergraduates. Senate Chair Pearson sought volunteers for the formation of a faculty working group for further discussion.

A new pilot of the Student Evaluation of Teaching (SETs), with a condensed set of questions seeking to increase poor response rates to, was presented and approved. 

The Senate voted to approve a new bylaw for the Faculty Senate of a systematic procedure for removing Faculty Senate leadership and Senators that was proposed by Past Chair Todd Eisenstadt.