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Mark Laubach

Professor Department of Biology

I am a neurobiologist interested in how groups of neurons work together to process information. My research has focused on the frontal cortex and basal ganglia and their roles in executive control and decision making. My laboratory uses a systems and computational approach and core methods include multi-electrode recordings, optogenetics, anatomical tract-tracing, multivariate statistics, and computational models of neural circuits. We are currently funded by the National Science Foundation to understand neural circuits that allow for "performance monitoring" (updating plans for action based on past behavioral outcomes) and the Klarman Family Foundation to understand neuronal circuits that control food-seeking behavior.


PhD neuroscience, Wake Forest University
MA biology, Bryn Mawr College
AB biology and chemistry, Lafayette College

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CAS - Biology
Asbury - 300
Office hours are available upon request; I am most often in my lab and lab office: Asbury 300/306
Contact Info
(202) 885-2116

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  • Fall 2017

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Area of Expertise:

neuroscience, BRAIN Initiative, diseases such as OCD

Additional Information:

Laubach is a neurobiologist interested in how groups of neurons work together to process information. His research focuses on understanding the neuronal circuit basis of decision making, motivation, and self-control. He is especially interested in how decisions are adjusted when outcomes do not match expectations. Laubach's laboratory uses multi-electrode recordings, optogenetics, and computational methods to record brain cell activity and analyze the resulting data. 

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