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Mary Hansen in The Smithsonian 
(5/30/2017) "The Restaurant Doodle That Launched a Political Movement"

Evan Kraft in The Hill
(2/18/17) "Yellen Rightly Defends Wall Street Reform Against House GOP Criticism"
(1/18/17) "Buyers Beware: Inflation Rising After Several Sluggish Years"
(12/27/16) "Trump Boosted Christmas Spending? Doubtful"
(12/15/16) "After Liftoff, Trump-fed Clash Could Be in the Offing in 2017"

Jon Wisman in E-International Relations (01/04/2017), "Exploding Inequality is Killing Democracy"

Jon Wisman in the Huffington Post (07/25/2016), "Can Trump Only Be Stopped by Sanders?"

Boris Gershman in 
AEHN (4/21/16), "Witchcraft Beliefs and the Erosion of Social Capital"
Live Science (5/12/16), "Why Belief in Witchcraft Can Do Harm"
International Business Times (5/10/16), "Witchcraft Belief Creates Antisocial Cultures That Are Bad For Business"
The Independent (5/10/16), "Believing in Witchcraft Can Slow Economic Progress, Researcher Discovers"
RCN Radio (06/21/2016), "Es la Creencia en la Brujeria Factor Desarrollo Economico?"



In May 2016, Xuguang Simon Sheng helped co-organize the second workshop on uncertainty, "Impact of Uncertainty Shocks on the Global Economy", in London.

Gabe Mathy's research on Huey Long was cited in JP Morgan Asset Management's "Eye on the Market" newsletter from March 16, 2016.


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