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Arts Management | Technology in Arts Management

Certificate in Technology in Arts Management

Certificate in Technology in Arts Management

Effective and connected management, marketing, and fundraising in the arts require deep and adaptive technology skills. Online media, networked information systems, customer and development databases, and rapid hardware and software innovations in every corner of the industry all place huge demands on cultural organizations, and create high demand for technology-savvy professionals.

American University's graduate certificate in technology in arts management is your connection to a bigger impact, more rewarding work, and a vibrant network of professionals and thought leaders in technology and cultural management. In a single year, the certificate will ground you in theory and prepare you for action in a full spectrum of management positions that apply, adapt, and develop technology strategies and solutions for the arts.

Our faculty combine extensive hands-on experience with deep insight on the context and concepts of technology, innovation, and effective management of the arts. Our course of study is designed to prepare you not only for high impact on current technology, but also for resilience and readiness on the technology yet to come.

Classes are offered every spring and fall, during evening hours, and over the summer. The certificate requires 12 hours of approved graduate-level course work, which can be combined into a single year, or adapted to four or more semesters based on your schedule. If you decide to continue into our master's in arts management, up to nine of your certificate credits are transferable toward the degree (additional application required).

A graduate certificate awarded by American University's College of Arts and Sciences is a symbol of professional achievement widely recognized by international organizations, non-profit agencies, corporate and government employers. This certificate is ideal for individuals who want an advanced academic credential and professional connections without the larger commitment and requirements of a master's degree.

Digital, information, and communications technology are increasingly at the core of creative organizations and their connections between artists, audiences, communities, and resources. Now is the perfect time to build your knowledge, grow your network, and make your mark with this flexible, focused academic program.

Contact us now for more information, or to talk about how the graduate certificate in technology in arts management can support your career goals.